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Fully Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer


Hunan Yonghe-Sun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("the Company" or "Yonghe-Sun" for short), listed in NEEQ (TS 870853), is an IVD system service provider engaged in IVD, reagents, instruments and services.


Immunodiagnosis Glycosylated Hemoglobin Biochemical Diagnosis

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YH-60 Fully Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer


Superior design + extrahigh pressure, significantly improved detection efficiency; the perfect match between the instrument and ragent greatly improves the system immunity and stability and can fully meet the applications in various levels of laboratories.






Working / Technical Parameters

● Fully Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer (YH-60) adopts HPLC to detect the content of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c);

● HbA1c is separated from non-HbA1c by their different electric charges and then the OD chromatogram is obtained by absorbance method;

● The product conforms to the industry standard YY/T 1246-2014 Glycohemoglobin Analyzer;

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